Enjoy City Life And The Outdoors In Rice Military Homes

Rice Military Homes offer the advantages of city living combined with the beauty of one of USA's largest urban parks. Situated in the vibrant and busy city of Houston, Texas, it is no wonder that it is one of most sought after Houston real estate properties not only by the upper middle class, but also by young urban professionals, empty nesters and affluent home seekers. Rice Military Homes which is situated just west, downtown of Houston, is gaining popularity due to its proximity to Memorial Park and Allen Parkway recreational areas.

Offers a Vibrant Environment

The Rice Military Homes gets its name from, Mr. William Marsh Rice, a notable person who founded the Rice University and Camp Logan, a WWI United States military training camp, which is situated close to the place.

The Rice Military Area is surrounded by pleasant neighborhoods on all the sides. In addition, it is in close proximity to Houston downtown with its active nightlife, the museum, and Galleria shopping. The amazing location surrounded by parks having lush foliage, makes it one of the most exciting and charming places to live in. The site features trails, tennis courts, fields and wide open-spaces and a renowned 600- acre golf course. It has provisions for activities like:

* Swimming

* Tennis

* Hiking

* Biking

* Softball

* Volleyball

* Golf

* Baseball

The Rice Military area is conveniently located inside the loop within walking distance from the renowned Memorial Park. The area itself encourages an active lifestyle with its crisp fresh air and location, which encourages outdoor activities. There are a wide range of townhouses and condominiums, with spacious rooms and garage area, which can satisfy the requirement of anyone looking for a good home surrounded by a vibrant atmosphere.

Houston Real Estate and Houston Properties

As Houston properties are always in high demand, it is tough to buy or sell homes without the help of a reliable Houston real estate dealer. A competent Houston real estate firm can help customers interested in buying a home in the Rice Military Area. They can provide them with essential information like:

* Accurate details about homes and other properties currently up for sale

* Comparison of prices with relevance to previous deals executed

* Information regarding the neighborhood and community areas like shopping malls, places of worship, universities, schools, restaurants, theaters and other conveniences.

* Accurate listing details

* Number of days the property has been on the market

* Comprehensive details of sold out homes

Real estate dealers offer unique marketing strategies to customers who are interested in selling their Houston properties. They maximize the exposure of the property by highlighting its positive features through their website.

A variety of town homes, condos and an appealing array of upscale apartments are available for lease and rent. This is convenient for people looking for temporary homes and for those who cannot afford to make an outright purchase. Most of the buildings constructed by skilled professionals feature an appealing array of state-of- the-art amenities, with eye catching designer features as an added attraction.

For those looking for a modern urban neighborhood set amidst natural surroundings, Rice Military homes is the right place, as it provides the best of both urban life and nature for its dwellers.

Crime Free Apartments in Houston

Ultimately, Alexan Lofts have townhomes and personal laundry rooms in select residences.

The most beneficial recommendation is to use a no cost apartment locator, for example Houston Apartment Locator or Within the Loop Properties, which mostly operate with downtown Houston apartment listings. They can support you determine what is most effective depending on your spending budget, how much space you will need, or other amenities you could possibly will need including whether or not they take pets or if there is a washer and dryer within the unit, also as how much area you need. If you have young children, they will offer you info concerning the school districts for every apartment complex too.

Thanks to an underground tunnel system that has many stops which connect the buildings, acquiring access to groceries and other services might not be as challenging as you might feel. Should you plan on moving downtown, invest an afternoon becoming acquainted with what companies are inside walking distance from the apartment or apartments that you are searching at. Make certain to complete a web page visit to at the least two apartment complexes, confirming what the locator service showed you in the Houston apartment listings.

Locating an apartment in downtown Houston might be hard, but with great investigation you'll be able to be sure to search out the best a single for you.

Within the current many years, Houston is now a household name for the apartment seekers both the first timers at the same time because the skilled consumers. That is possible as a consequence of the improvement of new residential townships and complexes in locations like Galleria and Montrose. With their close proximity to different night clubs, restaurants, movie theaters and shopping malls, much more and a lot more people today relocate every year to buy apartments in Houston.

Even so, time becomes a principal barrier for many. In numerous situations the whole practice of promoting, acquiring, leasing and renting gets delayed because of miscommunication amongst the landlords/owners as well as the buyers/renters. Also the entry of several Real-tors make these processes unnecessary lengthy.

In these circumstances, the only and probably the most effective remedy lie in accepting the service of expert firms which are not Realtor corporations but nevertheless deal with immovable properties. These firms have access to a broad number of apartments in Houston. The landlords/owners of those apartments have sold their apartments to these firms. The firms in turn contact the apartment seekers and let them know concerning the readily available vacancies as well as the greatest deals.

It might appear a bit confusing that these qualified firms do the equivalent work just like the Realtor businesses. However the major distinction involving the two is that even though the Realtor businesses may well take days and months in getting you an apartment, these qualified firms alternatively may take a maximum of 1 week to get you an apartment.

The most effective component in the story is that some of these professional firms tend not to charge a single penny for getting the task carried out. They get the profit from the customers to whom the apartments are handed over. Apartments Houston is 1 such firm which is engaged in quick promoting and purchasing of apartments in Houston.

With San Antonio Apartment Enjoy The Variety

San Antonio is a place in Texas. It is known for its beauty, charm as well as the richness in tradition. The other names given to this place are “Alamo city” and “River city” as well. This is an important and popular site for tourist's attraction. The food here is just awesome and very delicious. And the hometowns here give the feelings green and serene villages.

There are many beautiful as well as attractive sites; the San Antonio Apartments are one of the most attractive things found here. The apartments in the downtown are popping like the mushrooms for past few years. The contractors as well as the developers have found out a new business out of the scratch. The old or the ruined buildings are brought by the developers and then converted into beautiful and cosy apartments by the professionals who work in the downtown. The renovations made are amazing are provided with all comforts of living.

The main feature of the San Antonio Apartments is the look that they provide. The typical feature of the same is the hill country feel. The meaning of this is the apartments are provided with large as well as green oak trees and many manicured lawns that are beautiful as heaven. The presences of large pools add to its beautification.

All types of atmospheres are available with San Antonio Apartments. If the person is looking for the loud noises as well as the hustle of the downtown or looking for the serene, verdous as well as tranquil suburban areas, then this apartment is the best possible option for them. Every time one will feel like sitting in the lap of nature and enjoying the best of the nature sitting at home.

For the buyers it would be the best possible option to look for all the things required and all the legal formalities should be completed very well to avoid problems in the future. That is why only professional helps should be taken while planning to buy San Antonio Apartments. Online searches can be made to get the help of the professionals at a single mouse click.

A Holiday Tipping Guide

Everyone knows that if your going to give, its definitely appropriate around the holidays. And many people simply don't know how much is appropriate to give for those you have helped you out or taken care of you during the year. So how much should you pay and who should you give it to? You probably don't want to leave anyone out, so read on to find out how the appropriate way to say thanks to those people you care about.

The Apartment Employees

The staff at your apartment community sure to work hard to keep you have and make sure your stay there is enjoyable. When you have chosen to tip these individuals think about how much help they have given you over the past year. For example if you have a doorman at your community who is constantly opening the door for you and retrieving your packages, you might want to tip them a larger amount than someone who just opens the door for you.

Doorman: You might want to give them an amount between $20-$100 for the level of service they provide. If there is more than one then split it up amongst them.

Apartment staff: Sometimes they will not be allowed to accept tips. But a small gift should do just fine.

Your Service Providers:

Have you though about tipping the mailmen or the guys who collect your trash? They surely do work hard. Many government agencies will not allow you to give gifts over a certain amount. So be sure to find out what the maximum dollar amount is.

However, we recommend that you tip $20 per each worker. If you live in a larger apartment community, you can leave the tip with the apartment management staff. And don't forget the guys who deliver your newspaper to you.


It sure is nice of you to give a gift to the teacher at your kid's school. You don't want to give cash. Acceptable items will include candy, books, or even gift cards to a restaurant or movie. Be sure you included a thank you note for all the help they have provided to your children.

Renovation / Upgrading Cost Analysis

Renovating and upgradingan investment property acquisition is a source of both opportunity and risk. When a property has deferred maintenance, the cost of curing the deferred maintenance can be difficult to estimate without obtaining bids from contractors. Upgrading a property is an excellent option for enhancing investment returns. However, selecting which areas to upgrade and confirming, through analysis, their financial feasibility can be a time-consuming project..

Preparing a plan for renovations and upgrades is a complex project and needs to be integrated into the investor's overall plan for the property. Consider the following examples of planning for renovations:.

Should an investor repair or replace the roof on an office building which is being acquired as a land play? The investor expects the building will be demolished within five to seven years but wants to maintain the income stream during the holding period.

Should an investor patch potholes or do a complete overlay for a class C apartment complex? The cost of patching is $20,000 while the cost of a complete overlay is $150,000. The investor plans to maintain the property as a class C apartment complex for the indefinite future..

Upgrading an income property often offers the investor an excellent rate of return. In many cases, the existing investment group is complacent and does not want to expend the capital nor take the risk to enhance the performance of the property. An ideal time to plan renovations is prior to completing a plan for the capital structure and total amount of capital required during the due diligence period. In many renovation cases, the lender will fund most of the cost of the upgrading if it is planned prior to the acquisition. Otherwise, the investment group will likely have to fund the cost of the renovation if it is done at a later point in time..

Following are a limited number of options for property upgrades:

Upgrade the unit interiors for apartments by adding granite countertops, crown molding, better quality cabinet fronts and replacing drawer pulls. Other options are upgrading appliances, carpeting, bathrooms, lighting and plumbing hardware.
Modify the lobby and elevator cabs for the property with a plain appearance.
Upgrade the lobby, elevator cabs and common areas.
Replace and improve the facade and signage for retail strip centers and other types of retail.
Review upgrading signage and landscaping, particularly near the leasing office.
For industrial properties, consider adding cranes, parking area, stabilized yard area and expanding the truck aprons.

The tentative plans for completing renovations and upgrades are developed by reviewing rental rates, the quality of rent comparables and through interviews with property managers, leasing agents and property owners. In some cases, property managers and owners for competing properties may be more comfortable discussing these issues with an independent appraiser or market analyst than with a potential new competitor..

The next step is to obtain construction cost bids for both deferred maintenance and upgrade options from local contractors. Depending on the size of the item, multiple bids may or may not be necessary for the purpose of determining a probable cost during due diligence. Once the acquisition has been completed, multiple bids for many items are often appropriate. (Either O'Connor or the client can obtain these bids.).

After obtaining cost data, the appraiser/market analyst is able to determine whether the contemplated plan meets the investors financial objectives. In most cases, the renovation and upgrading plans are scrutinized for opportunities to reduce cost and enhance yields after obtaining cost data..

The final step is to consult with the client regarding options, our analysis and conclusions. Reporting options vary from a verbal report to a detailed narrative report..

By researching upgrade options the investor can maximize their return. Obtaining construction costs mitigates the investor's risk and makes it less likely he will need to explain to partners/investors why renovation costs sharply exceeded the budget..

The Market Research and Consulting division of O'Connor & Associates provides information necessary to make decision to commercial real estate professionals. Occupancy and Rental Data, ownership and management information are routinely gathered for four major land uses – multifamily, office, retail and industrial. This information allows investors to compare competitive properties, facilitate business decisions and track market and submarket performance. In addition the data is useful to brokers who for example continually monitor Houston retail space leasing, Houston office space leasing, Houston industrial space leasing, Houston apartments, Dallas apartments, Ft. Worth apartments, Austin apartments, and San Antonio apartments.

Always Choose Dallas Apartments

Dallas Apartments are designed with all the modern amenities that are really wanted in today's modern house. Those who take a flat in this apartment have appreciated about all the facilities they have got in this apartment. This apartment is a place of comfort and pleasure. Moreover the flats in Dallas can be got in the rental basis. This also added a feature in the Dallas apartment. It is a highlight of this apartment. One who does not have enough money to buy a flat in this apartment can surely go for the flats that is on the rental basis.

People always prefer to take a flat at the Dallas apartments because the people get all the necessary facilities there. These types of flats are designed very beautifully. So that the people do not have to face any trouble or inconvenience there. One can live with their families very happily there. One can get the facilities like the pubs, schools, parks, shopping complexes etc. all these things make this place a little bit higher. Moreover the position of this apartment is also very much comfortable for any kind of transportation.

The place Dallas is very beautiful place and moreover this place is a very demanding place. The atmosphere of the Dallas is very health oriented and for that the people of all around the world always want to get a flat in this apartment. The engineers designed these flats in keeping in mind the comfort of the people. They have tried to give the utmost comfort to the people. So it is very demanding all around the world.

The flats at Dallas Apartments are of vey high because it is a very posh area. The neighbor and the environment of this place are very healthy and at the same time very comfortable. One can live here happily and without any problem. Dallas apartment is situated at the posh area of the Texas City. Therefore the prices of these flats will relatively be high in comparison to other apartments. The engineers designed these flats in keeping in mind the comfort of the people. They have tried to give the utmost comfort to the people. So it is very demanding all around the world.

Interview The Apartment Leasing Staff

Call the leasing staff at the five to 20 apartments you have identified using the online apartment search service. Review your notes regarding the most important criteria for your apartment. Rank your criteria in descending order (most important at the top).

Review our list of questions to consider asking the leasing staff. (Link given below.) This probably will not be the ideal list for you. You should develop your own custom list. However, this will help you to think through reasonable questions to identify the apartment which is best for you.

Call all the apartments before you visit any of them. Each leasing agent will likely invite you to visit the property. They are trained to get you to agree to visit the property during the initial phone call. These initial phone calls should not take more than three to five minutes. It will be much more efficient for you to call each property which fits your criteria instead of just visiting the first 2 or 3 you call. These first apartments may not be your best option!

Apartment pricing and apartment specials can vary from day to day. No online apartment search service will have up to the minute information regarding every floor plan for every apartment complex. Part of the purpose of calling the properties is to determine which ones currently have the best specials. Some will have great specials for one floor plan but not for another. For example, some properties may have a great one-bedroom special but not had any special for two bedrooms. Conversely, another property may have great specials for two-bedroom units but no specials for one-bedroom units. Their pricing varies with the number of each type of unit which is vacant.

By calling the five to 20 apartments which seemingly best fit your criteria, you'll be able to obtain up-to-the-minute information regarding pricing, unit availability, and the attitude and professionalism of the staff at each property. In 30 to 90 minutes, you'll have obtained accurate and current information on every apartment which fit your criteria. This will include those which pay a locator fee and those which don't. Although the $107 move-in rebate is nice, if you find an apartment which has very inexpensive rents but does not pay the locator fee, you're better off passing on $107 move-in rebate. The phone research is much more time efficient than visiting each of the properties in person. It is also much more likely to result in you obtaining the best apartment at the best price. If you just visit the first several projects what you call, it is much less likely you'll get the best available unit at the best price.

Apartment Tips 10 Tips for Finding a Great Apartment

LocationGreat apartments are in great areas. The first set to finding a great apartment is selecting an attractive area. Apartments in upscale areas will be more expensive than apartments in less attractive areas. However, in many cases you will have add a better apartment living experience in a plain apartment in an upscale area than in a deluxe apartment in a less attractive area.

1.Basic DecisionsThe next step is Apartments 101. Set a budget for your apartment. Select the unit type for your apartment. Gather information the apartment management will require when you complete an application. They will want information on where you have lived, contact information for the landlord, where you work, how much you make, how long you've been there and a phone number.

2. Online Search ServiceFind a quality online apartment search service. Only use a service which has information on all apartments in the metropolitan area. Some online apartment services only have information on 10 to 15% of the apartments in a city.

3. Limit OptionsThe online apartment service can help you limit the number of options to between five and 20 depending on how much time you have to review options. The more options you review, the better your chance of finding your ideal apartment.

4. Is it looks too good to be true…WOW! — an apartment has no application fee, no deposit, $0 first months rent and it's in the area I like! Be very careful of apartments offering deals this aggressive. In many cases, their resident profile is rough compared to other properties in the area.

5. CallCall and speak to the leasing agents at various apartments. Are they friendly and professional? Are they knowledgeable? After speaking with them, do you feel this is a professionally run the apartment complex whose staff will be attentive and service oriented?

6. Visit ApartmentsThe next step is to personally visit the apartments. Drive around the perimeter of the property. Then drive through the property if you can. Your observations will be meaningful. A clean, well-maintained apartment complex probably offers a better apartment living experience.

7. Meet On-Site StaffNext, go to the office and visit with the on-site staff. 8 Ask to see both a model and the unit you would occupy. Ask to walk through a large portion of the property. Are the buildings well maintained? Is there junk on the balconies? Is the property clean? Are there tough-looking people hanging out in courtyards during the middle of the day? What you see when touring the property is important.

9. MaintenanceAsk the leasing staff about their maintenance policy. How long does it take for them to complete repairs? Are there any maintenance requests which have been pending for more than one week?

10. SecurityApartment complexes describe security as a courtesy patrol. Ask if they have a periodic courtesy patrol. Ask if there have recently been any criminal incidents at the property. Ask about the property's policy regarding limited access gates. In other words, are the limited access gates usually operational?

11. Speak to a ResidentSpeak to a resident at the apartment complex. Try asking the leasing agent if they will let you speak to one resident. Perhaps you can speak to someone who enters the office while you are visiting. An existing resident will probably give you the best available information regarding the apartment living experience at that property.

12. Planning and organizing your apartment search will help you to find a great apartment at a great price. Try to start your search two to four weeks before you have to make a decision. Allowing adequate time improves your chance of getting a great apartment.

One However, this will be a personal decision. You may prefer a property with more amenties and more space in a less attractive area. What is important is whether you like the apartment. Decide what is most important to you. Seek and you shall find.

Two Organizing this information will make the apartment search process less stressful. It will also make a great impression on the leasing staff. Although the apartment leasing staff spends most of their time selling you, they do have to approve your application.

Three It is not likely you will find your ideal apartment while only looking at 10 to 15% of the available properties. If you had selected a new type of car to purchase, would you go to a dealership that had 12 cars in stock or a dealership that had 100 cars in stock? You are much more likely to find a great apartment if you start by reviewing all possible options.

Four Organize the information in a table format. Put apartment names along the top and features all along the left column. Think about which features are most important to you. Is the unit size more important than the amenities? Is having a washer dryer in the unit worth a little more rent? Is it essential to have a dishwasher?

Five Apartments offering “killer” deals tend to be unattractive. Yes, it is hard to pass up a low down move-in deal. If you really need an apartment with the lowest possible move in cost, it may be your best option. However, it is not likely to be the best available apartment complex.

Six You can call many apartments in a short period of time. The first conversation can be short. Focus on getting information, instead of giving them information. They will want to ask you a variety of questions. However, you focus on requesting the information you need. Be polite but be firm.

Seven Before you go to the office, think about the appearance of the property. Is the property well maintained? Would it be a great apartment for you? Does it meet your minimal standards? If not, drive on to the next apartment complex on your list.

Eight Is the office clean and organized? Is the management staff dressed in an appropriate manner? Did the leasing staff greet you in a friendly way? Is there are any residents in the office, observe the interaction of office staff and the residents.

Nine When you meet a new person, they usually offer their best impression during the first several meetings. The same is probably true for your first visit to an apartment complex. Your impression of the apartment property is unlikely to improve over time.

Ten Is the staff proud of their maintenance policy? Do they flinch or look defensive when you ask about the maintenance policy? In some cases, reactions and gestures are more important than what is said.

Eleven In most cities, you can obtain a criminal report by contacting the police department. It will give you factual, detailed information regarding criminal activity at the property. In most cases, a clean, well-maintained property will have less criminal activity than a poorly maintained apartment property.

Twelve Ask if you can speak to the resident in private. Or ask for the resident's phone number so you can call them. Yet another option is to wait outside the leasing office and asked to speak to someone as they're entering the office. Most people are friendly and willing to help.

Austin Apartments is The Best Places to Live

If you are in love with humid subtropical climate, then Austin is the best place to be with hot summers and mild winters. The basic attraction in City is the glorious Highland series of lakes. These lakes run along the course of the hill country and also through Austin. These lakes combined with their hills and impart a strange beauty to the whole landscape and offer solace and peace. Austin has been ranked among the most literate cities of US where you find attractive and the reason for hunt of Austin apartments. Austin is referred as the live music capital of the world.

The city has been ranked as one of the best places to live by Forbes. Austin is a city in central Texas located at the Colorado River. Austin is on the Edward plateau. Austin is the capital city but still remains the small town air blended beautifully into metropolitan Cultures, before moving into a city, it is wise to do a small survey and understand the general living conditions. The rents of these apartments will cost from $350 to $2200 depending on the area as well as the size of the apartment.

These Austin apartmentshave various features like air conditioning, dishwasher, fireplace, hardwood floors, loft layout, internet, washer, and yard. There are community features also such as clubhouse, business centre, elevator, garage parking, health facilities, pool; vintage building etc. the rent of apartments depends on the availability of these facilities. The apartments are various kinds including furnished and unfurnished.

Austin apartments are available in very extensive range. While choosing an apartment, there are various issues to be considered, including the area where you would like to live, the crime rate in the area, the school system, convenience in the area like hospitals, shopping malls, services and recreation facilities. You can get to know more about the Austin communities through the internet. It is always good advice that you get to know the locality that you are thinking of relocating to. The more information you have the more easily you will be able to make the right decision.

What Makes The Texas Region Best For Living?

When it comes to comfort and luxury, the region offers the best, pulling together all the amenities an apartment owner could desire such as high quality apartments, parks and commercial properties in a well planned and beneficial manner. Beyond offering these, it maintains low costs for property taxes and utilities while providing excellent services. One can find the community services such as public libraries, park systems, safety departments and excellent schools right within the city. All of these resources make Texas region a ideal place to buy a home. Lets talk about the five major metropolitan of Texas and what makes them the best choices for starting a living there.

Houston as the first largest city in the state of Texas and the fourth-largest in the United States, the city has the largest cultural and economic center of the Gulf Coast region. Anyone who is planning to move to Houston apartments will find the place mild summers and winters, snowfall a rare to happen. Houston is the best place for doing business and commerce, being on the Forbes list too. Houston offers recreation as it boost of the major museums, theaters and parks. The internationally renowned Texas Medical Center contains the biggest concentration of research and healthcare institutions, a city focused on education!

San Antonio's is the second largest city in the state of Texas and seventh largest in the United States weather is alternately dry or humid depending on prevailing winds, turning hot in the summer, mild to cool winters. San Antonio has a diversified economy with four primary focuses: financial, government health care and tourism. Opting for San Antonio apartments, will be like living between the major attractions, sports, medical facilities and life beyond imagination. The education and career growth prospects are unlimited. It offers the best restaurants, stores, professional sports, and peace full outskirts.

Atlanta real estate is the one where a boom is yet to happen. An increased growth in population and rate of employment in Atlanta has caused the value of the real estate market to escalate continuously but are low when compared to other metropolitan. The real estate prices are comparatively low when compared to other large metropolitan areas. Atlanta apartments will offer the lowest .The costs of purchasing Atlanta real estate vary depending on the location you want, the size of the apartment that is needed, and other factors.

Austin is the capital of Texas, offering humid sub tropical climate. The city is regarded as the major center for high technology, offering best technical education. Considering buying an Austin apartment, it will offer you the best high landscapes and towers. Facilities here range from being musical, art full, sporty, scenic, parks and museums. The property rates differ from need of the person. You can find easily Austin apartments for rent online.

Dallas is the third largest city in Texas behind Houston and San Antonio, respectively, having humid sub tropical climate. The city offers the culture of best of cuisines, sports, art, protection, recreation and religious activities, apart from being the able to provide the healthcare, education if not within the city then around it. Any one willing to opt for DFW apartments will enjoy the farming beauty of the place and that too at reasonable prices.